Fanaa Drama Review: Fanaa, a Pakistani drama that aired in 2018, took viewers on a whirlwind journey of love, deception, and the dangerous depths of obsession. Written by Maqsood Aslam and directed by Ali Hassan, the serial garnered attention for its gripping plot, complex characters, and exploration of dark psychological themes. This review delves into the elements that make Fanaa a thought-provoking and unsettling drama, analyzing its plot, characters, themes, and production value.

Fanaa Drama Review


Fanaa centers around Zainab (Sana Javed), a beautiful and headstrong young woman, and Zaroon (Sheheryar Munawar), a charming but obsessive man. Zainab leads a comfortable life with her supportive family. Her world is turned upside down when she encounters Zaroon, who becomes fixated on her. Zaroon’s initial infatuation escalates into a dangerous obsession. He employs manipulative tactics and emotional blackmail to control Zainab’s life, isolating her from her family and friends. As the narrative progresses, the line between love and obsession blurs. Zainab finds herself trapped in a web of Zaroon’s desires, constantly under threat and unsure of who to trust. The plot thickens with the arrival of Daniyal (Emmad Irfani), a childhood friend of Zainab who offers her a sense of security and normalcy. Caught in a love triangle, Zainab must navigate a perilous path, fighting for her freedom and ultimately, her life.


The characters in Fanaa are intricately crafted, each grappling with their own demons. Sana Javed delivers a captivating performance as Zainab, portraying her transformation from a carefree girl to a woman battling fear and manipulation. Shehzeryar Munawar embodies the chilling persona of Zaroon, showcasing the descent of a man consumed by obsession. The supporting cast, including Emmad Irfani as the empathetic Daniyal, adds depth and complexity to the narrative. Each character serves a purpose, highlighting the manipulative dynamics at play and the devastating consequences of unchecked obsession.


Fanaa tackles the disturbing theme of obsessive love, delving into the psychological manipulation and emotional abuse it entails. The serial sheds light on the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and the importance of recognizing and escaping controlling behavior. Additionally, Fanaa explores the societal pressure placed on women to conform to traditional ideals of love and marriage. Zainab’s struggle to break free from Zaroon’s control and define her own happiness resonates with viewers who may have witnessed or experienced similar situations. The drama also touches upon the importance of female solidarity and the power of support systems in overcoming abuse.

Production Value

Fanaa is a visually compelling drama. The director, Ali Hassan, creates a suspenseful atmosphere through effective use of camerawork and lighting. The color palette reflects the emotional intensity of the narrative, with darker tones dominating scenes involving Zaroon and his obsessive behavior. The background score adds to the tension, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Critical Reception and Legacy

Fanaa garnered critical acclaim for its bold subject matter and powerful performances. The serial sparked conversations about domestic violence, emotional abuse, and the importance of healthy relationships. While some viewers found the portrayal of Zaroon’s character disturbing, it undeniably sparked discussions about recognizing and addressing the warning signs of obsession. Fanaa’s legacy lies in its ability to raise awareness about a critical social issue and empower viewers to advocate for healthy relationships.


Fanaa is not a conventional love story. It’s a harrowing exploration of the dark side of love, where obsession takes center stage. The serial leaves a lasting impression, prompting viewers to contemplate the complexities of human emotions and the dangers of unchecked possessiveness. With its strong performances, suspenseful plot, and exploration of a critical social theme, Fanaa remains a noteworthy production in Pakistani television drama.

  • Character Analysis: Delve deeper into the motivations and psychological states of Zaroon. Explore his past experiences, personality traits, and the events that trigger his obsessive behavior. Analyze how Zainab grapples with manipulation and the erosion of her sense of self.
  • Social Commentary: Discuss the portrayal of societal pressures on women in Fanaa. How do cultural expectations regarding love, marriage, and family dynamics influence Zainab’s situation? Explore the role of the family and social circles in addressing and preventing domestic abuse.
  • Symbolism and Foreshadowing: Analyze the use of symbolism and foreshadowing in the narrative. Are there recurring motifs or visual cues that hint at the dangers Zainan faces? How does the setting contribute to the overall atmosphere of the drama?

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