Ranveer Singh got Johnny Sins on board for the viral commercial

Ranveer Singh got Johnny Sins on board for the viral commercial: Ranveer Singh has once again broken stereotypes with his latest advertising venture. Known for his bold choices, the Gully Boy star made headlines back in 2014 when he became the face of Durex, becoming one of the first Bollywood actors to endorse a condom brand. While his move shocked many, it was also lauded for sparking conversations about safe sex and breaking taboos.

Now, his recent commercial for Bold Care addressing the common issue of erectile dysfunction has caught the attention of netizens. Presented in the style of a quintessential Indian daily soap, the ad received mixed reactions, with actresses Rashami Desai and Sayantani Ghosh expressing criticism.

Ranveer Singh got Johnny Sins on board for the viral commercial

According to reports from Bollywood Hungama, Ranveer Singh was thrilled at the prospect of endorsing products related to male sexual health. His excitement escalated when he learned that the ad agency was considering bringing on board renowned adult film actor Johnny Sins. Taking matters into his own hands, Ranveer’s team reached out to Johnny Sins via Instagram, securing his participation in the advertisement within a week.

Reportedly, Ranveer and Johnny Sins had a conversation over the phone, during which they discovered common interests and passions. Ranveer also discussed the importance of promoting sexual health awareness in India, to which Johnny Sins readily agreed, cementing their collaboration for the advertisement.

The collaboration between Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins for the Bold Care advertisement not only sparked intrigue but also raised eyebrows within the industry. Despite initial skepticism, the unconventional pairing garnered attention and ignited discussions about breaking barriers in advertising and promoting sexual health awareness.

Ranveer Singh’s proactive approach in reaching out to Johnny Sins showcased his commitment to advocating for social causes, even in unconventional ways. By leveraging his influence and platform, he demonstrated a willingness to address taboo topics and initiate important conversations about sexual health in India.

The interaction between Ranveer and Johnny Sins highlighted a shared understanding of the significance of promoting sexual health education and awareness, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. Their collaboration served as a reminder of the power of partnerships in driving positive change and challenging societal norms.

As the Bold Care advertisement continues to make waves, it underscores the importance of destigmatizing discussions around sexual health and encouraging open dialogue on topics that are often considered taboo. Ranveer Singh’s boldness in embracing unconventional advertising approaches further solidifies his reputation as a trailblazer in the industry, unafraid to push boundaries and champion important causes.

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