Teefa in Trouble Movie Review: “Teefa in Trouble” (Urdu: طیفا اِن ٹرَبل) is a 2018 Pakistani romantic action comedy film marking the directorial debut of Ahsan Rahim. Renowned for his work in music videos and television commercials, Rahim ventured into filmmaking under his Tadpole Films banner. The movie features Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, both stepping into Pakistani cinema for the first time, and also serves as the inaugural project for Zafar’s Lightingale Productions.

The project’s groundwork commenced in 2016, with Zafar, Rahim, and Danyal Zafar collaborating on the story and screenplay. Principal photography unfolded in Lahore and Warsaw from February 18 to July 26, 2017. Ali Zafar contributed to the film’s music, while Shani Arshad handled the composition of the film score. “Teefa in Trouble” hit theaters on July 20, 2018, with nationwide distribution by Mandviwalla Entertainment and Geo Films. Notably, it marked the first non-Indian film to be distributed internationally by Yash Raj Films. Despite encountering protests and piracy post-release, it emerged as one of the most expensive Pakistani films produced to date[9] and the third Pakistani film to surpass the Rs. 50 crore milestone in box office earnings.

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The narrative of “Teefa in Trouble” revolves around Teefa, a sharp-witted young man from Lahore’s middle-class background, raised solely by his mother following his father’s early demise. Introduced to the underworld by the dubious business dealer and local gangster, Butt Sahab, Teefa learns to prioritize money and influence due to his impoverished upbringing.

Anya, the spirited and headstrong daughter of Bonzo, a childhood friend of Butt Sahab, finds herself entangled in a complex web of familial expectations. Bonzo, now a prosperous business magnate in Poland, intends to wed his quirky son, Billu Butt, to the alluring Anya. However, Anya harbors a clandestine affection for her Polish friend Andy and resists her father’s and stepmother Sophie’s persistent matchmaking efforts, albeit unsuccessfully.

Their task becomes unexpectedly simple when they discover Anya’s intention to flee her impending marriage. In an absurd twist, Anya consents to stage her own abduction, leading to a series of comical escapades as the trio navigates through various challenges, evading Bonzo’s security forces.

As Teefa and Anya spend more time together, their initial animosity blossoms into genuine affection. Anya follows Teefa to Lahore, where they confront the truth of their feelings amidst the chaos. Teefa, torn between his growing love for Anya and the allure of wealth promised by Butt Sahab, must choose between deceit and honesty.

The trio finds themselves caught in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, dodging both Butt Sahab’s henchmen and Bonzo’s guards determined to reclaim Anya. In the end, Teefa resolves to rectify his actions and confront the adversaries chasing them, determined to protect Anya and salvage their newfound love.

Main Casts

Ali Zafar Lateef “Teefa” Maya Ali Anya
Faisal Qureshi Tony Mahenur Haider Sara
Jawed Sheikh Bashira Mehmood Aslam Butt Sahab
Asma Abbas Butt Sahab Nayyar Ejaz Sheikh Sahab


In 2014, Ali Zafar disclosed to Dawn his intention to venture into Pakistani film production, with plans for Ahsan Rahim to helm his debut project. By September 2015, Zafar had established Lightingale Studios in his new residence, setting the stage for his cinematic endeavors. The collaboration between Zafar and Rahim was formally announced on October 18, 2016, as reported by The Express Tribune. This marked Zafar’s return to Pakistani cinema as a lead actor, following his stint in various Indian films and a minor role in “Lahore Se Aagey.” Notably, Rahim had previously directed music videos for Zafar.

The film’s title was unveiled by Zafar on January 20, followed by the revelation of lead actress Maya Ali’s involvement on January 27, 2017. Maya Ali, renowned for her performances in Pakistani dramas and gaining acclaim on Indian television with the broadcast of “Aunn Zara,” expressed her cautious approach to selecting her debut film. She emphasized her desire for a departure from her past work, stating to The News, “it took me a while,” as she aimed to avoid associations with her previous projects. Zafar praised Ali’s versatility, indicating that the film would showcase her full range of talents.

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