Aik Thi Laila Drama Review: Aik Thi Laila (There Once Was a Girl Named Laila) is a Pakistani drama that deviates from the usual tropes. Here’s a dive into what makes this show interesting:

Aik Thi Laila Drama Review


The plot revolves around Laila, a young woman who mysteriously disappears. Instead of focusing on a search and rescue, the story takes a surprising turn. Many, including her ex-fiancé and the police, begin to suspect Laila of running away. Inspector Saad, determined to find the truth, investigates a cast of characters with their own secrets, leading to a suspenseful unraveling of the mystery.


  • Intriguing Narrative: The show throws viewers curveballs, keeping them guessing about Laila’s fate and the motives of those around her.
  • Fast Paced and Engaging: The story unfolds quickly, with sharp editing and interesting camerawork that adds to the intrigue.
  • Strong Performances: The cast delivers believable portrayals, particularly Iqra Aziz as Laila and Yasir Hussain as Inspector Saad.

Points to Consider

  • Limited Runtime: The show is relatively short compared to some Pakistani dramas. This may leave some viewers wanting more character development.
  • Possible Ending Issues: While some reviews praise the conclusion, there are scattered opinions about whether it fully delivers.


Aik Thi Laila is a refreshing take on Pakistani dramas. It offers a captivating mystery with strong performances and a focus on storytelling. If you enjoy suspenseful plots with unexpected turns, this show is definitely worth checking out. However, if you prefer longer dramas with in-depth character exploration, you might want to consider that before diving in.

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