Sang-e-Mah Drama Review: “Sang-e-Mah” (Urdu: سنگِ ماہ, transl. Moonstone) emerges as a Pakistani television gem, constituting the second installment in a trilogy following the acclaimed “Sang-e-Mar Mar.” Drawing inspiration from William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” this series is crafted by the pen of Mustafa Afridi, under the adept direction of Saife Hassan and production stewardship of Momina Duraid through MD Productions.

The narrative unfurls around the enigmatic journey of Hilmand, a young man propelled by the quest for justice following his father’s murder. It delves into the intricate dynamics of ‘ghag'[a]—a symbol of women’s oppression in tribal territories—while also exploring themes of interreligious harmony. Boasting an ensemble cast including Nauman Ijaz, Atif Aslam, Sania Saeed, Samiya Mumtaz, and Omair Rana, with Kubra Khan, Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz, and Hania Aamir in supporting roles, the series marks Atif Aslam’s inaugural foray into television acting, complemented by his rendition of the series’ soundtrack.

Premiering cinematically on January 8, 2022, “Sang-e-Mah” graced Hum TV screens the following day. Despite garnering acclaim for its compelling script, the series faced criticism for its stereotypical portrayal of Pakhtoons. Nevertheless, it clinched the coveted titles of Best TV Writer and Best TV Director at the 22nd Lux Style Awards, emerging triumphant amidst seven nominations.

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The narrative unfolds in the fictitious town of ‘Laspiraan,’ where Hilmand (Atif Aslam) frequents his father Nasrullah Khan’s grave. Motivated by a desire for vengeance, Hilmand accuses Haji Marjaan Khan (Nauman Ijaz) of his father’s murder, believing Marjaan orchestrated it to marry Hilmand’s mother, Zarsanga (Samiya Mumtaz). Complicating matters, Hikmat (Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz), Marjaan and Zarsanga’s son—and Hilmand’s half-brother—loves his cousin Gul Meena (Hania Amir), daughter of Zarsanga’s sister, Zarghuna (Sania Saeed).

Tensions escalate as Zarghuna harbors resentment towards Mastan Singh (Omair Rana) for killing her husband, Asadullah Khan. When Zarghuna opposes Hikmat and Gul Meena’s relationship, Hikmat invokes “Ghag,” a tribal custom dictating marriage announcements. However, complications arise when it’s revealed that Hilmand undertook the Ghag instead. Amidst the turmoil, revelations surface implicating Marjaan in Nasrullah’s demise.

Meanwhile, journalist Sheherzaad (Kubra Khan) arrives in Laspiraan to investigate Ghag customs, forming an unexpected bond with Marjaan. She crosses paths with Hilmand, who confides in her. Their encounter triggers Sheherzaad’s past trauma involving her cousin Haider (Shamil Khan). As tensions peak, Mastan attempts to harm Hilmand, but fate intervenes.

The plot thickens as Marjaan’s past connections and Zarsanga’s secrets come to light, unraveling familial ties and hidden agendas. Amidst a tumultuous jirga, alliances shift, and truths surface, leading to a climax of revelations and sacrifices.

Ultimately, the narrative culminates in a poignant resolution, where justice is meted out, and characters reckon with the consequences of their actions. As the dust settles, Hilmand emerges as a beacon of integrity, while the town of Laspiraan undergoes profound transformation, echoing the timeless themes of justice, redemption, and forgiveness.

Main Casts

Atif Aslam Hilmand Khan Sania Saeed Zarghuna
Nauman Ijaz Haji Marjaan Khan Kubra Khan Sheherzaad
Samiya Mumtaz Zarsanga Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz Hikmat Khan
Omair Rana Mastaan Singh Hania Aamir Gul Meena
Najiba Faiz Harshaali Kaur


In an exclusive interview in July 2021, Saife Hassan unveiled plans for a revitalized version of “Sang-e-Mar Mar,” signaling the inception of a new season. This revival would feature stalwarts Sania Saeed, Nauman Ijaz, Kubra Khan, and Samiya Mumtaz in leading roles. Hassan further disclosed that this endeavor would evolve into a trilogy, with “Sang-e-Siyah” slated to follow “Sang-e-Mah.”

Retaining the essence of its predecessor, the sequel sees the return of Sania Saeed, Nauman Ijaz, and Kubra Khan reprising their roles, while Nadia Afgan, Hania Amir, and Samiya Mumtaz join the ensemble for the second season. Speculation surrounding the inclusion of singer Atif Aslam was confirmed in late August 2021, adding another dimension to the cast. Notably, prior to Aslam’s confirmation, film actor Bilal Ashraf was slated for the lead role of “Hilmamd,” though scheduling conflicts prompted his withdrawal. Earlier, Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan had also declined the role for unspecified reasons.

Delving into the narrative trajectory, Hassan unveiled that the trilogy’s inaugural segment would delve into the complexities of Pakhtoon family dynamics, shedding light on pertinent issues such as forced marriages.

The anticipation soared with the release of the first teaser on December 10, 2021, offering audiences a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming saga.

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