Amrit Aur Maya Drama Review: Amrit Aur Maya (Amrit and Maya) is a Pakistani drama centered on the lives of two step-sisters, Amrit and Maya. Here’s a breakdown of what viewers experienced and some things to consider:

Amrit Aur Maya Drama Review


The narrative revolves around Amrit, the kind and hardworking stepdaughter, and Maya, the pampered and envious biological daughter. Their father, Shoaib, blatantly favors Maya, creating tension in the household. Amrit finds solace in Wahab, a classmate, but their potential romance faces hurdles from Maya’s jealousy and societal expectations. The story explores themes of love, sacrifice, family dynamics, and overcoming prejudice.


  • Familiar Tropes, Well Executed: The drama uses classic themes like step-sibling rivalry and forbidden love, but executes them in a way that can be engaging for viewers who enjoy these elements.
  • Strong Performances: Actresses Shameen Khan as Amrit and Sabahat Ali as Maya deliver convincing portrayals, making the characters relatable despite their contrasting personalities.

Points to Consider

  • Pacing Issues: Some viewers report that the initial episodes are slow, and the overall plot might feel predictable for those familiar with similar storylines.
  • Focus on Antagonistic Characters: The drama heavily features the manipulative and envious behavior of Maya, which might become frustrating for some viewers.


Amrit Aur Maya caters to those who enjoy classic family dramas with a focus on love and sacrifice. The central conflict between the step-sisters drives the plot, and the performances by the lead actresses are noteworthy. However, if you find predictable storylines or overbearing negative characters tiresome, this show might not be the best choice.

Additional Points

  • Reviews mention a significant improvement in the plot around the 35th episode, so if you decide to watch, be prepared for a potential slow start.
  • The production value might seem average compared to some higher-budget dramas.

I hope this review helps you decide if Amrit Aur Maya is a drama you’d like to watch!

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