Gunah Drama Review: Express Entertainment’s drama series, Gunah, takes viewers on a thrilling ride through a complex murder mystery. While praised for its captivating plot, intense performances, and social commentary, the series stumbles slightly in its final act, leaving some viewers dissatisfied.

Gunah Drama Review

A Story Steeped in Suspense

Gunah opens with a bang, introducing a compelling murder case that unfolds through the eyes of Sabiha (Rabia Butt), a tenacious lawyer determined to uncover the truth. The series masterfully weaves together multiple plotlines, each intricately connected to the central mystery. This multi-layered approach keeps viewers guessing and eager to discover the culprit.

Stellar Performances Fuel the Narrative

The cast of Gunah delivers exceptional performances. Rabia Butt shines as Sabiha, embodying the character’s unwavering determination and sharp intellect. Saba Qamar, in her return to Express after a long hiatus, portrays the enigmatic Gul Meher with captivating nuance. The supporting cast adds further depth to the story, creating a believable and engaging ensemble.

Social Commentary Underlines the Mystery

Gunah cleverly uses the murder mystery as a springboard to explore social issues like class disparity, gender inequality, and the influence of money and power. This adds a layer of depth to the narrative and makes the characters’ struggles even more relatable.

A Visually Striking Production

The production quality of Gunah is top-notch. The use of color, particularly shades of red and grey, creates a haunting atmosphere that perfectly complements the suspenseful story. The music and sound design further enhance the emotional impact of the narrative.

The Flaw in the Finale

While Gunah excels in building tension and intrigue throughout most of its run, the final episode falls short for some viewers. The resolution to the central mystery feels rushed, leaving some plot points underdeveloped. This detracts from the overall impact of the series.

A Show Worth Watching Despite the Flaw

Despite the shortcomings of the finale, Gunah remains a compelling drama series. The exceptional performances, suspenseful plot, and exploration of social issues make it a worthwhile watch.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Gunah’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • Captivating murder mystery
  • Strong performances by the cast
  • Social commentary woven into the narrative
  • High production quality


  • Rushed ending (according to some viewers)
  • Underdeveloped plot points in the final episode

Overall, Gunah is a recommended watch for those who enjoy suspenseful dramas with strong female leads and social commentary. However, be aware that the ending might not live up to the high standards set by the rest of the series.

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