Jhok Sarkar Review – “Jhok Sarkar,” a 2023 Pakistani drama serial, boasts a talented ensemble cast. The series stars Farhan Saeed, Hiba Bukhari, and Asif Raza Mir in leading roles. Farhan Saeed portrays Arsalan, a dedicated police officer determined to bring justice to the oppressed town of Jhok Siyal. Hiba Bukhari plays Shagufta, a strong and independent woman who fights for her rights and empowers herself. Asif Raza Mir brings to life the ruthless and corrupt landlord Peeral, the series’ formidable antagonist. These well-developed characters are at the core of the show’s compelling narrative.

“Jhok Sarkar” stands as a renowned drama serial on Hum Television, boasting a script penned by the acclaimed Hashim Nadeem, renowned for hits like “Parizaad” and “Khuda Aur Mohabbat.” The directorial finesse of Saifee Hassan brings this captivating narrative to life, with Momina Duraid serving as the producer. The ensemble cast features talents like Farhan Saeed, Hiba Bukhari, Maham, Faiza Gillani, Asif Raza Mir, and others, each adding depth to the storyline. Notably, Farhan Saeed takes on the role of a police officer, adding intrigue to the drama’s dynamic plot.

Jhok Sarkar Review

Jhok Sarkar Cast

Jhok Sarkar Cast

Character Actor Role
Arsalan Farhan Saeed A young and idealistic police officer transferred to Jhok Siyal, determined to bring justice and liberate the town from Peeral’s oppression.
Shagufta Hiba Bukhari A determined and independent young woman in Jhok Siyal, striving for a better life and unyielding against Peeral’s intimidation.
Peeral Asif Raza Mir A powerful landlord ruling Jhok Siyal with ruthless corruption and a relentless quest to protect his power and wealth.
Shafqat Salim Sheikh Arsalan’s wise and compassionate father, a retired police officer.
Zarina Samina Peerzada Arsalan’s loving and supportive mother.
Sikandar Yasir Hussain Peeral’s arrogant and entitled eldest son.
Mahjabeen Kinza Hashmi Peeral’s kind and compassionate daughter.

Themes and Social Commentary

“Jhok Sarkar” delves into significant themes and social issues prevalent in Pakistani society. The series explores the themes of oppression, corruption, and the relentless struggle for justice. Through its narrative, it sheds light on the challenges faced by the underprivileged and marginalized communities in rural Pakistan. Moreover, it underscores the pervasive influence of corruption and nepotism across all strata of society. The drama serves as a powerful critique of the feudal system that persists in Pakistan, illustrating how it perpetuates fear, intimidation, and the denial of basic rights.

Characters and Development

Jhok Sarkar Review, Cast, Details

The characters in “Jhok Sarkar” are multi-dimensional and believable, making the series even more engaging. Arsalan’s character is complex, embodying bravery, intelligence, compassion, and inherent flaws. His journey of self-discovery and growth reflects the courage to stand up for what he believes in. Shagufta, a strong and independent woman, undergoes a transformation towards empowerment and self-liberation, as she challenges the established norms and fights for her rights. On the other hand, Peeral, the ruthless and corrupt landlord, serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked power and the paramount importance of fighting for justice.

Cinematic Elements and Direction

Jhok Sarkar Review, Cast

The production of “Jhok Sarkar” is of high quality, evident in its cinematography, direction, and music. The series skillfully captures the beauty of the Pakistani countryside while portraying the darkness and despair associated with the feudal system. The direction effectively creates suspense and drama, keeping viewers captivated throughout the series. The haunting and atmospheric soundtrack complements the narrative, contributing to the overall tension and suspense.


In summary, “Jhok Sarkar” is a compelling and socially relevant Pakistani drama series that stands out for its talented cast, well-developed characters, and top-notch cinematography and direction. This thought-provoking and challenging drama leaves a lasting impact, serving as a powerful reminder of the significance of fighting for justice and equality, even when faced with overwhelming odds. With its engaging narrative, “Jhok Sarkar” is a must-watch for anyone interested in Pakistani television and socially relevant dramas.

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