Mera Susraal Drama Review – Mera Susraal is a 2023 Pakistani drama serial directed by Kashif Zaman and written by Sajjad Haider Zaidi. The drama stars Saniya Shamshad, Faraz Farooqui, Nausheen Shah, Saima Qureshi, and Rashid Farooqui. The drama tells the story of Dua (Saniya Shamshad), a young woman who marries Nadeem Ahmed (Faraz Farooqui) out of love. However, Dua’s life is not easy after her marriage.

This tale revolves around Dua, who enters matrimony with Nadeem Ahmed fueled by love, only to find herself amidst a household consumed by the insatiable thirst for wealth. Her sisters-in-law, both elder and younger, ensnare themselves in the web of greed, tarnishing the once-joyous life of Nadeem Ahmed and Dua. These sisters assert their dominance over Nadeem Ahmed, who complies with their every whim. Unbeknownst to Dua, both sisters harbored resentment towards her union with Nadeem Ahmed, thwarting their dreams of a blissful life together. Their aspirations remain unfulfilled, marred by the sisters’ selfish machinations.

Mera Susraal Drama Review

She has to deal with her overbearing sisters-in-law, Mehreen (Nausheen Shah) and Sara Appa (Saima Qureshi). Mehreen and Sara Appa are greedy and selfish women who are only interested in money and power. They are jealous of Dua and try to make her life difficult in every way possible. Despite the challenges she faces, Dua remains steadfast in her love for Nadeem. She is also determined to win over her sisters-in-law and prove herself to be a worthy member of the family.

Mera Susraal Drama Cast

Mera Susraal Drama Cast

Character Actor Role
Dua Saniya Shamshad A young woman who marries Nadeem Ahmed out of love
Nadeem Ahmed Faraz Farooqui Dua’s husband
Mehreen Nausheen Shah Nadeem Ahmed’s elder sister
Sara Appa Saima Qureshi Nadeem Ahmed’s mother
Rashid Farooqui Nadeem Ahmed’s father
Arslan Khan Dua’s friend
Amna Malick Dua’s mother
Hina Rizvi Nadeem Ahmed’s younger sister
Aslam Sheikh Nadeem Ahmed’s brother-in-law

“Mera Susraal,” the 2023 Pakistani drama, boasts a talented cast that breathes life into its compelling characters. The series stars Saniya Shamshad as Dua, Faraz Farooqui as Nadeem Ahmed, Nausheen Shah as Mehreen, Saima Qureshi as Sara Appa, and Rashid Farooqui. Each actor delivers remarkable performances that add depth and authenticity to the story. Saniya Shamshad, in particular, shines as Dua, portraying a young woman facing the challenges of her new life with resilience and determination.

Themes and Social Commentary

“Mera Susraal” is a well-written and well-acted drama that delves into a multitude of significant themes. These include the importance of family, the enduring power of love, the complexities of living in a joint family, and the transformative force of forgiveness. The drama uses its narrative to shed light on these themes, providing viewers with valuable insights and thought-provoking lessons.

Characters and Development

One of the strengths of “Mera Susraal” lies in its well-developed characters. The drama takes the time to introduce the audience to these characters, allowing us to understand their motivations and witness their growth and transformation. Dua, portrayed by Saniya Shamshad, is a particularly strong female character, showcasing bravery, independence, and unwavering determination to stand up for herself and her rights.

Cinematic Elements and Direction

Mera Susraal Drama Review, Cast, Story, Timing, Writer

The direction and cinematography in “Mera Susraal” contribute to its overall impact. The series skillfully captures the nuances of relationships and family dynamics, allowing viewers to become immersed in the narrative. Director Kashif Zaman’s handling of the emotional and thematic content of the drama is praiseworthy, and the series benefits from its realistic portrayal of social issues.


“Mera Susraal” is a captivating drama that explores love, family, and the intricacies of relationships within a joint family setting. The title “Mera Susraal,” translating to “My In-Laws,” aptly signifies the drama’s primary focus on the dynamics between Dua and her in-laws. It is a timely series that addresses pressing social issues in Pakistan, such as greed, selfishness, and the mistreatment of women.

The drama’s strength lies in its strong female characters, exemplified by Dua’s courage and determination to assert herself and protect her rights. “Mera Susraal” is a must-watch for fans of Pakistani dramas and anyone who appreciates narratives featuring complex characters, heartwarming relationships, and profound social commentary. The series leaves a lasting impact, offering important life lessons and showcasing the enduring power of love and forgiveness in the face of adversity.

This drama is not only an entertainment experience but a reflection of the societal issues that persist in Pakistan today, making it relevant and relatable to a wide audience.

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