Ro Raha Hai Dil Drama Review: “Ro Raha Hai Dil” (English: The Heart is Crying) is a Pakistani drama series that explores themes of family conflict, forgiveness, and finding love. While the exact release date remains unavailable, reviews and episode descriptions offer insights into the central plot and characters.

Ro Raha Hai Dil Drama Review

A Daughter’s Anger and a Father’s Regret

The story revolves around Zoya (Sonia Mishal), a young woman filled with anger towards her father, Daud Shah (Usman Peerzada). She blames him for her mother’s death, believing he neglected her illness. This unresolved resentment creates a strained relationship between father and daughter.

Enter the Suave Stranger: A Potential Love Interest

Amidst this familial tension, a new character, Humayun (Asad Siddiqi), enters Zoya’s life. He’s a handsome and charming man who works at Daud’s company. Humayun seems to genuinely care for Zoya, offering her a potential escape from the emotional turmoil at home. However, some viewers suspect his motives, questioning his sincerity and potential self-serving agenda.

Ahadi’s Constant Love: A Loyal Friend

Adding another layer to the romantic equation is Ahad (Junaid Khan). He’s Zoya’s childhood friend and a constant source of support. Though his feelings for Zoya go beyond friendship, she initially doesn’t reciprocate them, blinded by her infatuation with Humayun.

Unveiling the Truth and the Path to Forgiveness

The narrative likely explores how Zoya grapples with her anger and eventually confronts the truth about her mother’s passing. This journey of self-discovery might involve mending her relationship with her father and learning to forgive past mistakes.

Reviewing the Available Information:

Online reviews suggest that “Ro Raha Hai Dil” offers a captivating story with well-developed characters. Sonia Mishal’s portrayal of Zoya’s emotional turmoil and eventual growth is particularly praised.

Uncertainties and Speculations:

Without knowing the specific details of the ending or the overall social context of the drama, it’s difficult to comment on aspects like social commentary or groundbreaking storytelling. However, themes of family conflict and forgiveness are universal, making the drama relatable to a broad audience.


If you enjoy family dramas with a focus on emotional journeys, forgiveness, and the complexities of love triangles, “Ro Raha Hai Dil” might be worth checking out. The strong performances and exploration of universal themes make it a potentially engaging watch. However, keep in mind the lack of information about the specific cultural context and the resolution of the plot.

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