Udaari Drama Review: Udaari, derived from the Punjabi title اڈاری (To Fly), is a Pakistani television series in Urdu and Punjabi that delves into social issues. Created and co-produced by Kashf Foundation and Momina Duraid for Hum TV, it sheds light on the social and economic struggles faced by citizens in rural Pakistani society. The series bravely addresses topics such as child sexual abuse, gender discrimination, and violence against women. Originally airing from April 10, 2016, to September 4, 2016, Udaari was written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin.

The narrative revolves around two Punjabi villagers, Sheedan and Sajida, and their families. Sheedan faces discrimination due to her involvement in the performing arts, labeled derogatorily as belonging to the “Marasis.” Meanwhile, Sajda, a widow and single mother, struggles to provide for her daughter by working as a maid. She decides to marry Imtiaz for her daughter’s well-being, but the story takes a dark turn when Sheedan’s daughter, Ameera, accuses Imtiaz of sexual harassment.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Bushra Ansari as Sheedan, Samiya Mumtaz as Sajida, Urwa Hocane as Ameera, Farhan Saeed as Arsh, Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz, and Hina Altaf Khan or Areesha Ahsan as Zebo, the series is set in the village of Mirpur and urban areas of Punjab.

Udaari received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences. Critics praised its handling of sensitive issues and the stellar performances of the entire cast. It garnered the highest ratings in 2016 and was ranked as the highest-rated TV series of the season. At the 5th Hum Awards, Udaari won numerous accolades, including Best Drama Serial – Jury and Best Drama Serial – Popular for Momina Duraid.

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It is the narrative of two unique universes, the metropolitan and the rustic as well as featuring predominant issues in present day culture. The series portrays the existences of two adjoining families in a town, and the battle of a gathering of four companions living in the city, attempting to seek after a music profession. It focuses on Rashida and Sajida, two close friends, in the village. Rashida (nicknamed as Sheedaan) alongside her significant other Maajid, little girl Meera and child Ejaz are nearby artists who procure through singing and engaging individuals at weddings, in view of which they are separated and condemned in the general public, being named as Marasi. Though Sajida, Parvez’s widow, functions as a servant in a far off house.

She runs the family, really focuses on herself and her 10-year-old girl, named Zebo. On their wedding, Majid dies which makes Imtiaz nearer to Sheedaan’s family bringing about his negative sexual cravings for Meera. At some point, when Sajida and Zebo are not home, Imtiaz endeavors to physically manhandle Meera, however she escapes from that point. This outcomes in a question among Sajida and Sheedaan where Sajida claims Meera’s goals were off-base, will not trust her and supports Imtiaz.

Intricacies start when Imtiaz’s sexual cravings emerge for Zebo. One blustery evening while Sajida is working, Imtiaz baits Zebo into a room and assaults her, she is taken steps to keep quiet in any case he takes steps to kill Zebo herself and her mom. Back in Lahore, Meera earns notoriety and respect all around the country, she brings in sufficient cash to buy a house and gets comfortable Lahore with her loved ones.

Main Casts

Samiya Mumtaz Sajida Bibi Areesha Ahsan Zebo
Bushra Ansari Rasheeda Bibi Ahsan Khan Imtiaz Ali
Farhan Saeed Taimoor Arshad Urwa Hocane Ameera Majid


Udaari was crafted under the guidance of Hum TV’s senior producer Momina Duraid from MD Productions, with the acclaimed director Mohammed Ehteshamuddin at the helm. The captivating narrative was penned by renowned writer Farhat Ishtiaq. Notably, this marked Ishtiaq’s inaugural screenplay not adapted from a novel. Prior to Udaari, she collaborated three times with Momina, notably contributing to the success of iconic Pakistani dramas like Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, and Diyar-e-Dil.

Principal photography and filming commenced in February 2016 and concluded in June 2016, encompassing about 25 episodes. The shooting extensively took place in the village of Mirpur Khas in Multan and in Karachi. The first promo of Udaari was unveiled in March 2016. Azhar Ali undertook chief editing and cinematography responsibilities for the series.

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