Sultan Movie Review: “Sultan” is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language sports drama film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. Starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma, the movie tells the tale of Sultan Ali Khan, a fictional wrestler and former world champion from Haryana, whose illustrious career creates turmoil in his personal life.

The film premiered worldwide on 6 July 2016 to critical acclaim and commercial success. It garnered positive reviews from critics and amassed ₹623.33 crore ($93 million) globally, securing its place as the ninth highest-grossing Hindi film of all time.

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Sultan Ali Khan, a former wrestling champion living in Rewari, Haryana, is approached by Aakash Oberoi, the founder of Pro Takedown, a mixed martial arts league. Aakash, backed by Mr. Patel, seeks Sultan’s participation to revitalize the league’s popularity. Sultan, now leading a solitary life, initially declines, citing his retirement from wrestling. Aakash turns to Sultan’s friend Govind, who recounts Sultan’s journey.

During preparations for the Olympics, Aarfa discovers her pregnancy, sacrificing her dreams for the unborn child. Sultan’s victory at the Olympics, however, triggers his arrogance, leading to strained relations with Aarfa. Tragedy strikes when their newborn son, sharing Sultan’s rare blood type, dies due to lack of a donor. Aarfa leaves Sultan, prompting him to embark on a mission to establish a blood bank in his son’s memory.

In the present, Aakash offers Sultan a chance to realize his dream of the blood bank by competing in the league. Sultan agrees, undergoing rigorous training under coach Fateh Singh in Delhi. Despite initial setbacks, Sultan makes a remarkable comeback, winning matches with newfound techniques and earning nationwide acclaim, with Aarfa’s eventual support.

In the tournament’s final stages, Sultan faces grave injuries but persists, driven by Aarfa’s encouragement. In a triumphant finale, Sultan emerges victorious, fulfilling his promise to open the blood bank. Reunited with Aarfa, the couple embraces a new beginning, with Aarfa returning to wrestling. Years later, they welcome a daughter, whom Sultan begins to train, perpetuating the legacy of wrestling in their family.

 Main Casts

Salman Khan Sultan Ali Khan Anushka Sharma Aarfa Ali Khan
Randeep Hooda Fateh Singh Amit Sadh Aakash Oberoi


The project was initially announced in June 2015, accompanied by a teaser release on YouTube. Salman Khan’s role as a wrestler from Haryana was confirmed, prompting him to undergo rigorous wrestling training under Larnell Stovall’s supervision. There were speculations in October 2015 about Sylvester Stallone joining the cast as Khan’s coach, but Executive Producer Raja Mukerji clarified that Stallone was not part of the project. Subsequently, there were rumors of Sanjay Dutt being considered for the coach role at Khan’s suggestion, though Khan later denied insisting on Dutt’s casting.

In December 2015, Randeep Hooda was officially cast as Khan’s coach, while Amit Sadh, initially rumored for the role of young Sultan, was confirmed to portray Khan’s younger brother. MMA fighter Tyron Woodley was also signed, alongside other fighters, to feature in the film. Anushka Sharma joined the project in January 2016, cast opposite Khan as the female lead. Sharma underwent wrestling training in preparation for her role.

In February 2016, Bosco-Caesar were announced as the choreographers, replacing Vaibhavi Merchant, who had to step down due to personal commitments.


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