Ask Laftan Anlamaz Drama Review: Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Love Doesn’t Understand Words) is a Turkish romantic comedy TV series aired on Show TV. It debuted on June 15, 2016, featuring Burak Deniz as Murat Sarsılmaz and Hande Erçel as Hayat Uzun.

Set in Istanbul, the storyline revolves around a romantic relationship blossoming in the workplace of a multinational fashion company, Sarte. This series has been broadcast in more than 30 countries globally and has amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Ask Laftan Anlamaz Drama Review - Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan


Hayat, a city dweller residing in Istanbul with her two companions, is on a quest for employment. With her father’s ultimatum looming over her, she must secure a job or face returning to her hometown. In a stroke of desperation, she lands a position at the Sarte textile company, albeit mistakenly identified as Suna Pectas, the intended candidate for the role. Unbeknownst to Hayat, the company is led by Murat, a man she holds in contempt. However, as time unfolds, unexpected circumstances arise, leading Hayat to find herself entangled in a surprising turn of events—falling for Murat.


Hayat Uzun, hailing from Giresun village and daughter of a fisherman, faces pressure to find work in Istanbul to avoid returning to her conservative family and an arranged marriage. Living with her friends Ipek and Asli, and visited by her mother Emine, Hayat lands a job at multinational company Sarte due to a case of mistaken identity. Initially, the job was meant for Suna Pektas, a family friend of the company head, Murat Sarsılmaz.

As Murat becomes drawn to Hayat, his ex-girlfriend Didem’s jealousy sparks misunderstandings. Despite initial conflicts, Murat pursues Hayat and apologizes, eventually dismissing Didem for her scheming. Meanwhile, Murat’s chauffeur Kerem falls for Ipek, and they reciprocate each other’s feelings. Hayat’s landlord Fadik’s nephew Ibrahim enters the scene, prompting Hayat to feign a romantic relationship with him to incite Murat’s jealousy.

Eventually, Murat and Hayat reconcile, unaware of each other’s true feelings. However, misunderstandings arise when Didem manipulates Ibrahim into believing Murat is unfaithful. Despite their love, Hayat struggles to disclose her true identity to Murat, fearing his reaction. Amidst family conflicts and revelations, Murat and Hayat’s relationship faces numerous trials, including accusations of infidelity and deception.

As their bond deepens, Murat’s mother returns with nurse Hazal, bringing further complications. Despite their struggles, Murat and Hayat’s love endures, leading to a joyous reunion and reaffirmation of their commitment. However, their happiness is short-live as past secrets resurface, endangering their relationship once again.

Despite these challenges, Murat and Hayat navigate through adversity, ultimately finding happiness in each other’s arms. Five years later, they enjoy a blissful family life with their children, surrounded by their loved ones, marking a happy conclusion to their tumultuous journey.

Main Casts

Burak Deniz Murat Sarsılmaz Hande Erçel Hayat Uzun Sarsılmaz
Oguzhan Karbi Doruk Sarsılmaz Ozcan Tekdemir  Aslı Sarsılmaz
Merve Çağıran İpek Suleyman Felek Kerem
Demet Gül Tuval Yanıkoğlu Bulent Emrah Parlak Cemil Uzun

International Airing

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz was broadcast in the Philippines under the title “Hayat” on ETC from February to June 2021. In Pakistan, it air as “Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan” on LTN Family, and in Sri Lanka, it was known as “Thamath Adare Nathnam” on Hiru TV. Slovenian viewers enjoyed the series under the title “Ljubezen ne rabi besed” on POP TV in June 2022.

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