Dar Si Jati Hai Sila Drama Review: Dar Si Jati Hai Sila (lit. ‘Sila Lives in Fear’) is a Pakistani drama series that premiered on Hum TV on November 8, 2017, following the conclusion of “Yaqeen Ka Safar.” Directed by Kashif Nisar and penned by Bee Gul, the series stars Noor Ul Hassan and Kinza Malik, marking their third collaboration on television after “Sammi” and “Alif Allah Aur Insaan.”

The series was also broadcasted on Hum Pashto 1 in Pashto under the title “Sila Yareki Ghondi” and on PTV Home. It aired nationally from June 1, 2020, to August 25, 2020, with episodes airing twice a week.

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila Last Episode Review - Tear-Jerkingly ...

The drama portrays real-life scenarios depicting how girls like Sila become victims of individuals like Joyee, who silence them and perpetrate injustice against them.


The drama commences with Joyee (played by Noman Ijaz) entering Sila’s bedroom at night, inducing fear and prompting her to scream. Although the entire household awakens, Sila and her mother, Sadia (portrayed by Saman Ansari), choose to keep the incident concealed. Joyee presents a dual persona; while he attends to household matters at Noor Manzil, he also targets Sila and her mother, as Sila’s father resides in Canada for business purposes. Aapa (acted by Sakina Samo), Sila’s paternal aunt and the household’s senior figure, has adopted Joyee as her foster brother due to his competence in managing affairs and his ability to deceive Aapa while concealing his true nature.


Sila is betrothed to her cousin Raheel (played by Sheikh Mubashir), the son of her aunt Tullo (depicted by Kinza Malik). Sila and Raheel share another cousin, Zaynee (portrayed by Aamna Malick), daughter of Nausheen (played by Munazzah Arif) and Saleem (portrayed by Noor Ul Hassan), Sila’s paternal uncle. Zaynee contrasts Sila with her lively, compassionate, and intelligent nature. Sila’s only supportive uncle is Humayun Gul (portrayed by Humayun Gul), Aapa’s husband and Sila’s paternal uncle, who doubts the authenticity of the allegations against Sila.

Raheel attempts to engage in conversation with Sila, but her constant fear impedes communication. Eventually, he learns of her reluctance to marry him and urges her to speak up if she’s unwilling. However, Sila’s refusal incites her mother’s wrath, accompanied by a stern warning against vocalizing her dissent.

Sikander returns from Canada and interacts with his family, including brothers Saleem and sister Tullo. Tullo suspects Sila’s unhappiness with the marriage. When Sila rejects the engagement again, Sikander discovers the truth and reacts with violence. Sila’s younger brother, Hatim, arrives and becomes her staunch supporter, unveiling her repeated refusals to the family.

Sadia’s secret meetings with Joyee raise Sila’s suspicions. Sikander, unaware of Sila’s predicament, arranges her marriage to Joyee, triggering conflict within the family. Zaynee, distraught over Sila’s impending marriage, confides in Raheel and Tullo, who support the decision.

Raheel, drawn to Sila’s compassionate nature, begins to question her behavior, eventually discovering a photograph of himself in her possession. Zaynee, feeling excluded from Sila’s confidences, confronts her, leading to strained relations. As Raheel and Zaynee delve into Sila’s predicament, Hatim accuses Sadia of neglect and becomes suspicious of hidden truths. On the eve of Joyee’s wedding, Sadia implores him to let go, but his harassment persists, witnessed by Aapa.

Main Casts

Yumna Zaidi Sila Nauman Ijaz Jawad
Saman Ansari Sadia Sakina Samo Aapa
Kiran Haq Nadia Saleem Sheikh Sikander
Aamna Malick Zaynee Osama Tahir Raheel

Buraq Shabbir from The News commended the actors’ performances and the delicate treatment of the subject matter while evaluating the series.

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