Motorcycle Girl Movie Review: “Motorcycle Girl” is a 2018 Pakistani biographical adventure drama, chronicling the life of motorcyclist Zenith Irfan. Directed, written, and co-produced by Adnan Sarwar, it marks the second installment in Sarwar’s thematic Hero trilogy, succeeding “Shah” (2015). Sohai Ali Abro portrays Zenith Irfan, embarking on a journey across the northern regions of Pakistan on her motorbike to honor her father’s wishes. Along the way, she encounters numerous obstacles, supported by a cast including Samina Peerzada, Ali Kazmi, and Shamim Hilaly.

The film premiered nationwide on April 20, 2018, garnering predominantly positive reviews from critics who lauded its direction, narrative, and performances, particularly highlighting Abro’s portrayal. At the 16th Lux Style Awards, Abro was honored with the Best Actress Critics award for her role.

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Zenith Irfan, an 18-year-old girl residing in Lahore, Pakistan, captured the nation’s attention and became an instant media sensation. Her remarkable journey began when she embarked on a solo motorcycle expedition towards the challenging and perilous mountainous regions in northern Pakistan.

Motivated by her father’s wish, she daringly set out to fulfill it, ultimately becoming the first woman in Pakistan to traverse the northern territories alone on a motorbike.

Main Casts

Sohai Ali Abro Zenith Irfan Samina Peerzada Zenith’s mother
Ali Arsalan Kazmi Zenith’s fiancée Sarmad Khoosat Zenith’s boss
Shamim Hilaly Zenith’s grandmother Hadi bin Arshad Sultan; Zenith’s brother


Following the triumph of “Shah,” director Adnan Sarwar declared in 2017 his intention to craft the second chapter of his envisioned Hero trilogy, centering on the life of motorcyclist Zenith Irfan. Sarwar elaborated, stating, “This film will be the second installment of the ‘Heroes Trilogy’ that I have planned. Zenith’s story is significant because, at such a tender age, she challenges entrenched gender stereotypes prevalent in our society. This film represents my modest endeavor to inspire a future where women in our nation are more empowered, genuinely independent, and liberated from antiquated taboos hindering their progress.”

Motivated by Zenith’s remarkable journey, Sarwar expressed, “The remarkable story of what Zenith did at such a young age caught my attention after Shah, and I knew it was the right subject to turn into a film. I have scripted a fictional world around the core true story of her journey, and I hope that ‘Motorcycle Girl’ will further the cause of women’s empowerment in Pakistan.”

In an interview, Sarwar reflected, “What attracted me most to this topic was the fact that at such a young age, Zenith was able to pull off such a remarkable feat. I’m a firm believer in women’s empowerment and gender equality, and Zenith has proved that times are changing.” He added, “When I found out that the reason she made the journey was in memory of her father, I fell in love with the story completely. I have tried to treat the film with immense sensitivity, and at its core, it is about a daughter’s love for her father.”


The film’s trailer made its debut on March 25, 2018. A selected audience had the privilege of attending the premiere at Cinepax, Lahore, on April 18. Subsequently, the film was released nationwide on April 20.

In a unique promotional campaign, numerous celebrities, such as Saba Qamar, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Maya Ali, showcased their support for the film by sharing photos of themselves riding bikes online.


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