Na Maloom Afraad Movie Review: “Na Maloom Afraad” sounds like a fascinating film, especially with its focus on the struggles and ambitions of its characters. It seems like it was not just a commercial success but also earned critical acclaim, which is impressive.

The attention to detail in filming at real locations and the extensive rehearsals the cast went through show a commitment to authenticity and quality storytelling. It’s great to see Pakistani cinema thriving and breaking records like the longest-running film milestone. The success of “Na Maloom Afraad” and its sequel speaks volumes about the talent and creativity present in the Pakistani film industry.

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Farhan, a sales representative at IFU life insurance company in Karachi, loses his job due to his inability to secure any deals over a year. Moon, originally from Punjab (Faisalabad), dreams of Dubai but ends up in Karachi, deceiving his family into believing he’s already there. Shakeel, an honest government worker and owner of ‘Shama Achar’, faces pressure to marry off his sister Naina due to financial constraints. Farhan, residing as a paying guest with Shakeel, falls in love with Naina.

When Moon becomes Shakeel’s new tenant after being evicted by his landlady, Farhan and Moon concoct a plan to fraudulently claim life insurance money by staging their deaths during a Karachi strike. Meanwhile, Shakeel faces a proposal for Naina’s marriage that demands a car as dowry, adding to his financial stress. Desperate, Shakeel discovers he can’t access his savings, and learns his house will be demolished for a bridge project. Distraught, Shakeel attempts suicide but is saved by the police. Reluctantly, Shakeel agrees to Farhan and Moon’s plan after initially refusing.

To execute their scheme, Farhan seeks funds from local mobster Gogi, posing as Shakeel’s wife to open a bank account. However, they are robbed during the process. Moon falls for a bank worker named Hina. Disguised as wealthy individuals, they obtain an insurance policy for their fake demise. Moon, indebted to Gogi for a previous loan, struggles to evade him due to a drug-related incident. Amidst failed attempts, Shakeel mortgages his house to Gogi. As tensions rise, they find themselves embroiled in a confrontation with Gogi and a Dubai mobster.

Facing imminent danger, Farhan and Moon accidentally kill their adversaries. In a surprising turn, they discover Hina had preemptively robbed the bank, providing them with the needed funds. With their newfound wealth, Shakeel secures a new home and improves his pickle business, Farhan marries Naina, and Moon fulfills his dream of moving to Dubai.

Main Casts

Fahad Mustafa Farhan Ahmed Jawed Sheikh Shakeel Ansari
Mohsin Abbas Haider Moon Urwa Hocane Naina
Salman Shahid Gogi Kubra Khan Hina


In 2012, Nabeel Qureshi, the director of telefilms at the comedy show Banana News Network, conceived the idea of a film in collaboration with producer and screenwriter Fizza Ali Meerza, who had been his colleague and friend at the National Academy of Performing Arts. The concept sparked during a casual conversation about banks, lockers, and insurance, eventually leading to the birth of ‘Na Maloom Afraad’. According to Qureshi, the entire story materialized within 24 hours of that conversation.

In 2013, prior to Ramadan, Nabeel and Fizza joined forces to co-write the film. Financing the project themselves, Fizza and her brother initially allocated a budget of Rs. 5 million (US$17,000) under their production company, Filmwala Pictures. Initially aiming to stick to a modest budget, the producers planned to shoot the film using Canon EOS 5D to avoid additional technical costs. However, the final budget escalated to around Rs. 9 crore (US$310,000), making it one of the most expensive films produced in Pakistan.

In early 2014, Hum TV partnered as the media sponsor, while Eveready Pictures entered final negotiations for the film’s distribution rights in Pakistan. Renowned cinematographer Rana Kamran, who previously collaborated with Fizza on the film ‘Armaan’, was selected as the director of photography for ‘Na Maloom Afraad’.

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