Raqs-e-Bismil Drama Story Review: “Raqs-e-Bismil” (Urdu: رقص بسمل, meaning ‘Dance of the Wounded’) is a Pakistani TV series that aired on Hum TV from December 25, 2020, to July 9, 2021.

Directed by renowned filmmaker Wajahat Rauf and produced by Shazia Wajahat under Showcase Productions, the series stars Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan in the lead roles. It can be streamed digitally on Hum TV’s YouTube channel.

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Sakina, a young girl, elopes to marry her beloved. Moosa, her cousin and foster brother, intervenes with his brother to halt the clandestine wedding ceremony. Brandishing a gun, he forcibly takes Sakina away. Upon their return, Moosa publicly exposes Sakina’s intentions. Consequently, Sakina’s uncle arranges her marriage to his son, Isa, against her wishes. Despite her resistance, the nikkah proceeds, with Sakina cursing Moosa in the moment.

Days later, Moosa, influenced by a stringent religious preference, declares his intention to wed only a devout girl who wears a hijab and conceals her hands. His infatuation with Zohra, a modestly attired university student, quickly blossoms. However, his admiration turns to disillusionment when he discovers Zohra’s secret life as a private party dancer. Confronting her, he is arrested for his behavior.

Despite his family’s disapproval, Moosa remains fixated on Zohra. He arranges a clandestine meeting, where he proposes marriage. However, Zohra rebuffs him, citing the importance of mutual consent in marriage. Recognizing his error, Moosa cancels the nikkah, acknowledging Zohra’s autonomy.

Meanwhile, Sakina, still in contact with her former lover, Kamran, plans to flee with him. However, a traumatic encounter forces her to reconsider, ultimately reconciling with Isa.

Zohra, facing financial coercion, marries wealthy businessman Malik Shahryar, only to realize she’s merely a pawn in his schemes. After enduring mistreatment, she regrets rejecting Moosa and recognizes his genuine love for her.

When Moosa’s life takes a downward spiral, Zohra intervenes, leading to a moment of realization for both. However, societal pressures and misunderstandings hinder their reunion.

As circumstances evolve, Zohra finds herself under the care of Moosa’s family, unaware of her true identity. Through a series of revelations and reconciliations, Moosa and Zohra’s love triumphs, culminating in a heartfelt union.

Main Casts

Imran Ashraf Awan Musa Sarah Falak Zohra
Anoushay Abbasi Sakina Momin Saqib Essa
Zara Sheikh Laila Javeria Abbasi  Sakina’s mother


This series served as the television debut for Lollywood actress Zara Sheikh, known for her roles in Pakistani cinema. The initial teasers for the show were unveiled on November 25, 2020.

The 11th episode of the series became the top-rated program on Hum TV in the UK during its broadcast week, attracting an audience of 113,800 viewers.


21st Lux Style Awards

  • Best TV Director: Wajahat Rauf
  • Best TV Actor-Viewers’ Choice: Imran Ashraf Awan
  • Best TV Actor-Critics’ Choice: Imran Ashraf Awan
  • Best Emerging Talent in TV: Momin Saqib

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