Sen Çal Kapımı Drama Review: “Sen Çal Kapımı,” internationally recognized as “Love Is in the Air,” is a Turkish romantic comedy television series featuring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin. It graced the screens of Fox viewers from July 8, 2020, until September 8, 2021.

Sen Çal Kapımı Drama Review


Season 1

After the tragic loss of her parents in an accident, Eda Yıldız finds herself under the care of her aunt, working diligently at her flower shop. Her aspirations in Landscape Architecture are dashed when a scholarship from the esteemed Art Life architecture firm, headed by Serkan Bolat, is revoked.

Eda’s dream of studying in Italy is intertwined with her distant relationship with Cenk, who resides there. However, Cenk’s reluctance to meet in person adds to Eda’s frustration. A chance encounter with Serkan at a friend’s graduation ceremony leads to an impulsive act—Eda handcuffs herself to him in a fit of anger. Seizing an opportunity, Serkan suggests a sham engagement to win back his ex-girlfriend, Selin, offering to fund Eda’s education in return. Despite initial resistance, Eda’s subsequent heartbreak prompts her to accept, albeit with conditions.

As their faux engagement unfolds, genuine feelings emerge between Eda and Serkan, especially as Eda aids Serkan’s mother in coping with a family tragedy. Eventually, Serkan proposes to Eda for real, solidifying their love.

However, fate intervenes on their wedding day when Serkan is involved in a plane crash, resulting in amnesia. Eda’s desperate attempts to trigger his memory prove futile until a dramatic revelation at the altar jogs his recollection.

Yet, just as they overcome this hurdle, Eda uncovers Serkan’s medical records revealing his battle with cancer, marking a poignant twist in their journey.

Season 2

Serkan Bolat and Eda Yıldız face immense challenges during Serkan’s battle with cancer. His survival transforms him into a different person, consumed by fear of emotional bonds. He repeatedly postpones their marriage and adamantly opposes the idea of parenthood. Immersed in work, Serkan drifts apart from Eda, who eventually pursues her studies in Italy, while he remains entrenched in his routine.

After five years apart, fate reunites them in an unexpected turn of events. Eda introduces Serkan to their daughter, Kiraz, during a chance encounter. Initially concealing the truth, Eda fabricates a story about Kiraz’s parentage, but eventually, she confides in Serkan.

Their reunion culminates in marriage, and Eda soon becomes pregnant, giving birth to their son. Despite the trials they’ve endured, their love prevails, marking a new chapter in their lives as a family.

Main Characters

Eda Yıldız, portrayed by Hande Erçel in episodes 1-52, embodies a spirited character deeply passionate about flowers. Despite the lingering sorrow of losing her parents prematurely, Eda faces a formidable adversary in Serkan Bolat. He, in a cruel twist, revokes her scholarship, dashing her dreams of becoming a landscape architect and studying in Italy. Consequently, she finds solace and purpose in her aunt’s flower shop, alongside her childhood friend Melo.

Kerem Bürsin portrays Serkan Bolat in episodes 1-52, depicting a complex persona characterized by hypochondria, obsession, and an icy demeanor. As a wealthy and renowned architect at Art Life, Serkan is determined to thwart his ex-girlfriend Selin’s impending marriage. In a strategic move, he propositions Eda to pose as his girlfriend for two months, promising to restore her scholarship upon completion of their arrangement.


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