Sang e Mar Mar Drama Review: Sang-e-Mar Mar, originally titled Daasi, aired on Hum TV from September 1, 2016, to March 9, 2017. The drama features Nauman Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and Kubra Khan in the lead roles, supported by Omair Rana, Paras Masroor, Uzma Hassan, Tipu Sharif, and Kaif Ghaznavi. Directed by Saife Hassan and written by Mustafa Afridi, it delves into the intricacies of honor culture in tribal areas, exploring how love and revenge can fracture relationships. A spiritual successor named Sang-e-Mah aired on the same channel from January 2022 to July 2022.

“Sang-e-Mar Mar revolves around the intertwined lives of childhood companions Shireen and Aurang. Despite years of separation, Shireen clings to the belief that Aurang is her soulmate. Oblivious to her affections, Aurang pursues his studies in the city, much to his father’s disapproval. He finds himself drawn to Palwasha, the sister of his brother-in-law. The narrative also delves into the dynamics among Aurang’s family members: his sister Bano and her husband Torah, his parents Shameem and Gulistan Khan, and his brothers Saifullah and Goher.”

TV drama Sang-e-Marmar is a necessary critique of Pakistan's ...


“Sang-e-Mar Mar” delves into the intricacies of a Pashtun family, led by Gulistan Khan and his wife Shameem, with their sons Safiullah, Aurang, and Goher, along with their daughter Bano. Tradition tightly grips the family, exemplified by Gulistan’s adherence to Pashtun customs, notably in attire and values. Aurang, unlike his siblings, carries urban perspectives, tethering emotionally only to his mother, fostering frequent visits to their ancestral village, Garhi Baran.

Another narrative thread weaves through Shireen’s life, residing with her elder brother Saif-ur-Rehman and his manipulative wife, Pari. Shireen’s past affection for Aurang intertwines with the familial feud between their households, complicating any potential interaction. Meanwhile, Bano faces the suffocation of a forced marriage, her resentment palpable towards her husband Torah due to perceived social status mismatches and family ties.

The convergence of these storylines breeds tension and tragedy. Goher’s duplicitous love affair entangles Shireen and Durkhanay, leading to fatal misunderstandings and cascading repercussions. Betrayals, murders, and the unearthing of dark family secrets ensue, each character grappling with the weight of tradition, love, and vengeance. Ultimately, amidst the chaos, Shireen’s resilience shines, navigating treacherous waters to salvage what remains of shattered lives and fractured bonds.

Main Casts

Nauman Ijaz Gulistan Khan Mian Mikaal Zulfiqar Aurangzeb
Sania Saeed Shameem Kubra Khan Shireen
Omair Tahir Rana Safiullah Khan Tipu Sharif Saif Ur Rehman
Paras Masroor Torah Khan Kaif Ghaznavi Pari
Sharmeen Ali Palwasha Najiba Faiz Gulalai
Uzma Hassan Shehrbano Agha Mustafa Hassan Goher Khan


Producer Momina Duraid and director Saife Haasan collaborated in handpicking the cast for the series. Mikaal Zulfiqar, renowned for his roles in successful shows like “Diyar-e-Dil” and “Sangat,” was chosen once again to portray the character of Aurang, following the channel’s triumph with “Sangat” in 2015. Kubra Khan, making her television debut, was finalized for the role of Shireen, succeeding her impressive performance in the 2014 film “Na Maloom Afraad,” after Armeena Rana Khan’s scheduling conflicts led to her withdrawal from the project.

The ensemble also featured veteran actors Noman Ijaz and Sania Saeed as Gulistan Khan and Shameen, marking their fourth collaboration on-screen. Uzma Hassan was select for the antagonistic role of Shehrbano, reuniting with Ijaz and Saeed after their previous work together. Paras Masroor took on the negative character of Tora Khan, originally offered to Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, who declined due to scheduling conflicts. Omair Rana portrayed Safiullah, reuniting with Zulfiqar for the third time. Sharmeen Ali and Kaif Ghaznavi played supporting roles, while Najiba Faiz, known for her work in PTV, was chosen for the character of Gulalai.

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