Kuzgun Drama Review: “Kuzgun,” meaning “Raven” in English, is a gripping Turkish thriller series that premiered on Star TV on February 13, 2019. The compelling narrative was crafted by writers Burcu Görgün Toptaş and Özlem Yılmaz, under the skilled direction of Bahadır İnce.

The series features the talented duo of Barış Arduç and Burcu Biricik in leading roles. Spanning 21 episodes, the series concluded its run on October 16, 2019, delivering a riveting finale. Internationally, the show made its debut in South Africa under the title “Voelvry.”

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In the late 1980s, two cops apprehend a notorious drug lord, tempted by a hefty bribe to evade justice. One officer refuses the bribe, while the other succumbs, leading to the honest cop’s downfall in a fabricated drug scandal orchestrated by his deceitful best friend turned criminal ally.

Tragedy befalls the honest cop as he relocates his family from Istanbul, only to meet an untimely demise, leaving his eldest son, Kuzgun, to face the harsh streets alone. Enduring two decades of hardship and turmoil, Kuzgun emerges from his turbulent past, honing himself into a relentless instrument of vengeance.

As an adult, Kuzgun embarks on a quest for retribution, infiltrating the ranks of Rifat’s criminal organization, the very friend who betrayed his father. Yet, his plans encounter a twist upon encountering Dila, Rifat’s daughter and Kuzgun’s former childhood love.

Unbeknownst to Dila, the mysterious man who reenters her life as her bodyguard is none other than Kuzgun himself, now consumed by a thirst for revenge. Despite attempts to suppress their lingering connection, their undeniable bond reignites, complicating Kuzgun’s resolve.

In a tale of unlikely love amidst vendetta, Kuzgun and Dila’s journey unfolds against a backdrop of danger and intrigue, as they navigate the tumultuous intersection of love and revenge, forever altering the course of their destinies.

  • Also Known As: The Raven
  • Aired: Feb 13, 2019 – Oct 16, 2019
  • Status: Ended
  • Runtime: 120 mins
  • Production: Ay Yapim


Kuzgun, an eight-year-old boy, lives happily with his family, including his trusted police officer father, Yusuf. However, their lives take a tragic turn when Yusuf and his colleague, Rifat, attempt to apprehend a drug lord named Sheref. Despite Sheref’s offer of a bribe, Yusuf refuses, while Rifat succumbs to temptation, betraying his partner. As a result, Yusuf is imprisoned, leaving Kuzgun’s family vulnerable.

Facing threats from Sheref’s gang, Kuzgun is abducted but manages to escape, only to find his home deserted. Forced to fend for himself on the streets, he carries the weight of his shattered childhood.

Two decades later, Kuzgun emerges, fueled by a burning desire for vengeance. Despite advice to let go of past hurts, he embraces his pain, transforming himself into an instrument of retribution.

Crafting a meticulous plan, Kuzgun infiltrates Rifat’s gang, determined to ascend to power in Istanbul. His target: Dila, Rifat’s daughter, residing in London and disillusioned with her family’s criminal ties. Recognizing the source of their wealth, Dila resists her father and brother’s illicit dealings.

Assuming the role of Dila’s covert protector, Kuzgun earns her trust, leveraging her assistance to infiltrate Rifat’s organization. Unlike conventional revenge tales, Kuzgun boldly reveals his true identity from the outset, declaring his intent to claim his and his father’s rightful place in the criminal underworld.

Main Casts

Barış Arduç Kuzgun Cebeci

Caner Şahin

Kartal Cebeci
Burcu Biricik Yetkin Dila Bilgin/Cebeci

Aytek Şayan

Ali Bilgin
Hatice Aslan Meryem Cebeci

İpek Erdem

Şermin Bilgin
Ahsen Eroğlu Kumru Cebeci

Derya Beşerler

Seda Bilgin
Ferit Kaya Cihan

Tülay Günal

Nilperi Şahinkaya Güneş Arif Onur Saylak Ferman Koruoğlu


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